On top of LHThree Rules for Personal Security

As Lions Head and Signal Hill are in an urban park, please exercise the same common sense and security precautions that you would anywhere else in the world.

Do not attract unwanted attention by openly displaying cash, cameras or other valuables.

If you are confronted by a criminal, don't resist. Handover your goods as resistance might incite a mugger to violence.

Program emergency numbers in your cellphone before your hike.




Emergency Contact NumbersFB LionsHead Rescue3253

Main emergency number: 086 110 6417
Emergency SAPS (South African Police Service): 10111 (021 10111 on cell)
Emergency CT Emergency Services: (021) 480 7700
Emergency CT Central OPS Centre: (021) 467 8002
Mountain Rescue: 021-948 9900
Cell phone emergency number (Vodacom, MTN, Cell C): 112

 Open Printable Version of Emergency Numbers



Ten Basic Rules of Mountain Safety (with thanks to TMNP)

For your own safety please read the rules below

  1. Don’t hike alone; four is the ideal number.
  2. Choose your route carefully and stick to it.
  3. Choose a hike leader and walk at the pace of the slowest member.
  4. If lost - don’t split up. Rather try to retrace your steps. Remember that climbing down is more difficult than climbing up.
  5. Always take waterproof clothing, even in mid-summer, and wear walking shoes or hiking boots. Wear a hat or cap and sun block in summer. Weather changes rapidly.
  6. If lost or forced to stop because of bad weather, stay together and remain in one place. Find the closest shelter from wind and rain.
  7. In case of injury, take time to assess the situation. Then send two people for help and let the third remain with the injured person. 
  8. Stick to well-used paths - don’t take shortcuts
  9. Always take enough water, especially in summer, and food in case of a delay.
  10. Take a fully-charged cellphone.

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