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We are aligned with groups that share the common interest of preserving our natural flora, fauna and landscapes, and the associated cultural history of the country. Our work alongside these partners is aimed at promoting a more sustainable lifestyle and sound environmental management choices.

Wildlfe and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA)

SANPARKS – South African National Parks

Mountain Club of South Africa (Cape Town Section)

Cape Nature Conservation


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Our objectives to counter the identified threats:

  • To promote Lion’s Head and Signal Hill as conservation-worthy areas
  • To monitor activities in the defined area and to inform SANP as needed
  • To act as a watchdog for proposed development in the defined area
  • To preserve established free access points
  • To promote environmentally friendly behaviour of recreational users
  • To undertake educational activities – botanical walks, bird walks and historic walks
  • To remove invasive alien vegetation
  • To organise litter meets in the defined area
  • To support other NGOs involved with WESSA
  • To influence broader planning regarding the preservation and development

Solutions to these threats are carried out by volunteers who willingly join our organisation at a small annual fee of R50. They give their time and effort unselfishly to preserve the natural habitat.

FLASH is an environmental non-governmental organisation (NGO) that was established in 1996 under the Friend Scheme of the Wildlife and Environment Society of South Africa (WESSA). Our areas of volunteer responsibility consist of Lion’s Head, Signal Hill, the Glen and the interface between these natural environments and urban areas. Our vision is to contribute to the sustainable utilisation of Lion’s Head, Signal Hill and the Glen, especially the protection of fynbos, silver trees (Leucadendron Argentum), wild life and rock features.



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Key Threats to our area 

  1. Erosion and trampling of vegetation
  2. Urban expansion and development pressure
  3. Invasive alien plant species (originally introduced by humans)
  4. Over-frequent fires
  5. Litter, building rubble and garden refuse
  6. Security issues and illegal occupants living in the area
  7. Graffiti

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History of FLASH

There are many friends groups in the Cape Peninsula helping with the conservation of our beautiful natural surroundings. These groups are affiliated to the Wild Life and Environmental Society of South Africa (WESSA). In 1996 a few friends walking on Lion’s Head had the idea of setting up a friends group. The prime motivator and first chairperson of the group was Maretha Shroyer, at that time a freelance environment consultant. The group quickly expanded to include the paragliders and mountain bikers. Our first meeting was addressed by Professor Fuggle, who is still a well-known environmentalist. As members of Friends of Lion’s Head we participated in the drafting of the first management plan for Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) when they took over the management of Lion’s Head from the City Council. Later Friends of Lion’s Head merged with Friends of Signal Hill, at that time led by Gillian Russell. We have been successful over the years in influencing the development and conservation of Lion’s Head and Signal Hill and continue to do so today.

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