on 4 July 2015
By Tessa and Nic Van Rooyen

Start ‘em young – that’s our motto when it comes to children and hiking, so as soon as Nic and I received the FLASH newsletter and saw that Sidney’s Newlands Forest hike on 4 July would occur during the winter school holidays we invited our two grandsons to join us. We ended up on the day with 2 grandsons + 2 of their friends + our 11-year-old niece joining us = 5 youngsters, all keen to go. It was quite nippy to start with, but the young ‘uns were not put off. We told them we would stop for a break to snack at “MacDonald’s” (the lovely wooden round table and benches on the Contour Path) and they fell for the ruse lock, stock and barrel. The sandwiches and apples we provided them with were no doubt a poor substitute for what they had expected!

The kids were like young racehorses at the start, champing at the bit to get going, so much so that Nic had to call them to order once or twice. However, we were delighted to be able to report back to the respective parents after returning them safely home that Sidney had said they were all very well behaved young people.

The hike was magical, consisting in total of 21 people. We saw lots of Metalasia muricata and Gisela pointed out a fabulous bush of Erica baccans and explained that baccans was Latin for cup, which the flower resembles. When we finished the hike at 1 pm, all the kids asked Nic “When can we do this again?” Thanks to Sidney for a wonderful morning. #See photographs on pages 3 and 4.


The Newlands Forest Hike – Snacking at ‘MacDonald’s’ on the Contour Path

Newlands Forest Hike

The young ‘racehorses’ rest up on the rocks

Newlands Forest Hike 1

Every walk is different: the varying terrain of Newlands Forest

Newlands Forest Hike 2

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