Extracts from a Speech on Table Mountain by General JC Smuts

On 25 February 1923

When we reach the mountain summits we leave behind us all the things that weigh heavily down below on our body and our spirit. The mountains uphold us and the stars beckon us. The mountains of our lovely land make a common appeal to us to live the higher life of joy and freedom. We leave behind all sense of weakness and depression; we feel a new freedom, a great exhilaration, an exaltation of the body no less than of the spirit. Table Mountain in particular, will preach this great gospel to the myriads of toilers in the valley below. And those who make a habit of descending her beautiful slopes in their free moments will reap a rich reward not only in bodily health and strength but also in an inner freedom and purity, in an habitual spirit of delight which will be the crowning glory of their lives.

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