Litter litter litter

The problem of litter on mountain paths and associated environments is not limited to South Africa.  A recent report about litter in the mountains of Scotland can be read here Litter on Scottish Mountains

 The recent clean up at the base of Lions Head by Friends of Lions Head and SanParks resulted in 20 bags of rubbish being removed. SanParks and a group of dedicated hikers do a weekly clean up from the top of Lions Head to the parking lot at the bottom.  On average 3 grocery bags of rubbish are collected every week - after full moon nights this increases to 4.  The majority of rubbish collected comprises tissues, cigarette butts and plastic bottles. Orange and banana peels are also thrown on the ground based on the fact that they are bio-degradeable.  Orange peels take up to 6 months to decompose while banana peels 3 to 4 weeks. These items are alien to the environment and detract from the "unspoilt" beauty that attracts people to nature areas.

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